FAA System Safety Handbook

August 11, 2009

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently updated The System Safety Handbook (SSH.) It was developed for the internal use of the FAA to establish “a formal, disciplined, and documented decision making process to address safety risks in relation to high-consequence decisions impacting the complete life cycle.” I think it gives good guidance to anyone thinking about how to manage systemic risk.

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Don’t Get Intercepted

July 9, 2008

With TFRs becoming more and more common, the FAA wanting to expand their use and violations making the news, you should become familiar with how to avoid and respond. Would you know what to do if intercepted? AOPA offers great complementary courses to keep you up to date in today’s ever increasingly difficult airspace.

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Where to go, What to do with a Pilot License

May 28, 2008

Things to do with a Pilot LicenseFlying opens up so many opportunities that some new pilots seem to have difficulty deciding where to fly once they earn their license.  Here are some ideas to get you up: 

  • Practice a new skill.  Even if you are not formally studying for a new certification, you can practice new techniques.  Ever flown into class B or the holding pattern around a neighboring airport VOR? 
  • Touch up some old skills.  See how close you can get to your exact touchdown aim point.  Visit a grass strip and put that soft field training to use.  Sharpen self-evaluation and judgment skills.  Upgrade your ability to judge and fly in four seasons weather.
  • Make it a date.  Take up your significant other just before dark and watch the beautiful sunset from the best place possible. If you are a morning person, the sunrise is just as spectacular. It is very romantic to see the sun’s colors in the sky.
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Top Gun Tips to Instantly Fly Better

May 19, 2008

results graphPilot training, and piloting itself by necessity, teach and reinforce positive habits. This book explores flying advice from Top Gun pilots that share valuable advice for any current or aspiring pilot. Even includes a checklist to ensure you bring the right habits with you to the airport.

Their advice is not limited to licensed and student pilots. Get this book and reap positive benefits as a pilot and in all aspects of your life.

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Pilot Training Kits Available

May 19, 2008

results graphOur Pilot Kits include best selling flying handbooks and guides for any category pilot license and come with a free one year subscription to keep them constantly up to date by download service. Kits include official FAA training materials in electronic formats, that save $hundreds over paper pilot publications. Learn to fly, study for a new license, prepare for any FAA Test, or just keep your pilot library up to date. Order now and get the newly revised Instrument Flying Handbook.

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Is your FAR/AIM Current

May 19, 2008

results graphIf it’s a paper copy the answer is almost always no. Why Jeppeson, King, ASA and other publishers pick October to release their paper copies of these most important pilot publications is somewhat difficult to understand. The main section of the FAR (CFR Title 14) is updated 1 January each year and the AIM is updated with a change about every 6 months. AIM Manual is typically released off cycle to the FAR. So, typically, after less than 3 months, most of the book is obsolete and after 4-5 months, the only current section in the whole book is CFR Title 49, on accident reporting and flight schools.

Break the cycle. Get the latest FAR/AIM in electronic versions at reduced cost and it will be current when you get it and will stay current with our update service. It is searchable and indexed. It will also include many sections that the paper books never publish. All our kits get free updates for 1 year.

About Us!

May 18, 2008

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